Friday, March 16, 2018

Analyst Sheds Some Light on Mysterious Russian Ex-Spy Poisoning Story

The former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain in critical, but stable condition after having been exposed to an unnamed ‘nerve agent’. Tom Secker is a Sputnik contributor and author of the SpyCulture website - he explains his take on the situation.
Sputnik: If this incident were at the hands of the Russians — why now, with the upcoming elections and the world cup on the way? Where is the logic there?
Tom Secker: There doesn't seem to be much logic there. We never really know what the intelligence services are getting up to. So it's certainly not something we can rule out. The only logic I can see is that this would have been some kind of revenge move, or potentially a warning to other people who might do the same thing, you know, cross over to the other side — sell out their colleagues, coworkers, and the other people that they might know. Even with that scenario, you'd have to wonder, why now?
Sputnik: It would be very easy to make a death ‘untraceable’ — in fact the CIA assassination manual explains exactly how to make a homicide look like suicide. Why would that not have been the case here?
Tom Secker: I guess the question is what is the primary motive here? If the primary motive is simply to kill the guy then no, you wouldn't do it this way. You'd kill him any way you like, and then make sure no one ever found the body. If the point was to send a message, again, you wouldn't necessarily do it in this way. You would make it appear as though it was an accident, suicide or accidental overdose or something like that. The message would still be sent, because the people watching would still understand what had happened in reality, but it would make it so that it could never be chased back to you in a legal sense.
This sounds like something that was a rush job, it sounds like something that was carried out possibly on the fly, with fear of being caught. And that's why it was at least somewhat botched.
Sputnik: How often do these sorts of cover-up homicides occur?
Tom Secker: If you think of cover-ups in a broader sense, there are a lot of examples. Back in 2010, a bunch of Israeli Government Agents, (we assume Mossad), went to Dubai and killed that senior Hamas figure in a Dubai hotel. They did the whole thing travelling on forged British passports and as far as we know, the British Government hasn't done anything about this. Which begs the question, how many secret agents are there? Running around with fake British passports, and our government is just letting this happen. So in that sense, while it seems that Israel never really denied that they carried out this assassination, the British Government, to some extent participated in a cover-up of exactly how that was done- by not pursuing this passport issue. So honestly, cover-ups are kind of standard.
Sputnik: The blame has quickly jumped to Russia — despite Amber Rudd asking people not to jump to conclusions before the evidence is out- what’s happened there?
Tom Secker: Well on the one hand you have the Home Secretary saying that in public, but you also seem to have quite a number of officials anonymously briefing the media — saying that they think it was Russia, and they keep being quoted. So there is clearly the official stance, which is 'Oh no, we're not making any assumptions until we have the evidence in hand', and then there is the quiet, unofficial stance of 'Yes this was Russia, put out the story that it was Russia'.
Sputnik: And is there any evidence to suggest that Russia did it?
Tom Secker: Why use such an exotic poison — unless the aim is to try and remind everyone of the Litvinenko murder. Which obviously, most people believe was carried out by the Russian State. That is the obvious connection that everyone is making. So why would Russia do it like that? Why would they do something that would instantly bring to mind this previous murder that had been pinned on them? The only reason to use such an exotic poison would be to remind everyone of that, and therefore plant the seed of 'oh this is the Russian State killing one of their own'. Whereas, if you look at this guy’s biography, at least what we know of it, there are all sorts of people who'd have a motive for killing him. He betrayed quite a lot of people, and not just in terms of governments, not just in terms of government agents or intelligence agencies, but potentially private criminal organizations. They too could have a motive for trying to pin the whole thing on Russia.
Let's not forget- and this is a detail I haven’t yet seen anywhere, at least in the mainstream media coverage — this guy was found only a few miles from Porton Down. That is the British ministry of Defenses lab for developing exotic weaponry — bio and chemical weapons. Why has no one drawn attention to this? I mean literally, we are talking eight to ten miles down the road. That's a fact you would have thought was worth mentioning at the very least. Even if it's some crack-pot rogue scientist from that lab, who smuggled something out, or sold it to someone, who then carried out the hit. Even if it would be a scenario like that, it's worth exploring. It's certainly a lot more worth exploring than waving a big flag saying 'Russia did it.'

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

BBC - the globalists propaganda machine and unfit for purpose

Also it seems to be following the 'plan', as laid out in the 
'Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion' ?

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Demonstration against IRA/Sinn Fein in London 24th March at TUC buildings

Monday, March 05, 2018

Councils told to build more houses  - for whom ?

Right boys and girls , can we have a quiz here to suggest who the lucky recipients might be for this radical policy now being urgently pushed apparently by the government ?

The favourites being ;

1)  Rich people

2)  Our newcomers to the UK

There are lots of 'brown field' sites that are being woefully neglected all across the UK.

Many former military barracks are being sold off to developers . Why cannot they be used instead to house some of the former service people such as former soldiers, who are now having to live on the streets ?

In the North West as an example; with the falling house prices, why is that not harnessed to help ?

Many owners of cheaper terraced houses can't sell them as there are no buyers. These houses can go for far less than £100,000. But because they cannot sell them, they are often then put up for rent. Sometimes then attracting the 'scum of the earth', put in there by local councils or charities. Thus bringing the already low house prices down even further.

But yet the government wants to build 1,000's of new houses.

Many areas are already under strain due to new house builds. But there are either no social facilities for them or they make a further burden on already stretched social services such as schools, hospitals and our failing road networks.

Madness ! 

Green belt is already being built on.

We nationalists will provide a truly radical policy . Interest free loans to British families who can trace their ancestry here before the 1930's.

See such as here for what the papers are saying about this policy for house building ; 
R.A.P. - Rochdale Alternative Press  - a communist front !

In recent years, a number of people have availed themselves of the now defunct Rochdale Alternative press (RAP) files copies stored in the Rochdale reference library. RAP was sold by newsagents in Rochdale in the 1970's and 1980's in particular. Of late, people like the former MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk drew heavily on copies of RAP for his book, that 'revealed' the paedophile sexual antics of another former MP for Rochdale; Sir Cyril Smith.

We here agree at NWN with what RAP published back then in the 1970's about Cyril Smith MP. 

But to make 'saints' of this communist rag, which is what RAP was. Is just not on.

It's owners were David Bartlett and John Walker  - both were then members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). 

They used RAP as a centralised focus for various extreme left wing groups especially the CPGB but also such as the Socialist Workers party (SWP) and the International Marxist Group (IMG). Both then were two thug Trotskyist groups that used to cause riots in the UK. They also supported the Anti-Nazi League (ANAL), another communist front group then run 'behind the scenes' by their ((( SWP steering committee))) . Check them out !

Even worse was their support for the IRA !

Above, we have an old poster that RAP published, and  which was 'fly postered' all around Manchester and other North West towns in the early 1980's. Their address is clearly shown on there, and which was/is  the law .

Mayhem was breaking out in Northern Ireland during the IRA hunger strike. RAP were trying to 'fan the flames' here on the mainland. 

RAP actually 'shot themselves in the foot' in openly supporting the IRA. Rochdale National Front quickly got copies of this IRA poster, and copied it to leaflets that were delivered to all the newsagents in Rochdale. Many of them then refused to sell RAP again. Rochdale NF then used to regularly attract over 100 at branch meetings. It's largest gathering was over 300 in 1981.

The last we heard of David Bartlett is, he is living the 'capitalist' dream of a middle class retirement after having posh jobs at places like the running of Rochdale college/Hopwood Hall college, Rochdale. He now lives down in the posh south of England.

 Note:  Click on the above pic to enlarge. 

Saturday, March 03, 2018

British Army being forced  into marxist 'political correctness' . 
It would be funny if it wasn't true !

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The National Front in the 1970's - the films that now appear on Youtube .

 Above is some correspondence between Rochdale NF and the film makers like Jim Sawyer and Mr. (Jim?) Macintyre both of whom lived in the London area and now no doubt both passed away ? The old reel celluloid films were shown to NF meetings across the UK at that time.The letter above to me by Jim Sawyer is among the many letters and files that I still possess.As the films are fairly readily available now on 'YouTube' and on disc, I think it is very important to remember the people who filmed these demonstrations, and also arranged for them to be shown to the NF members at meetings and gatherings at that time.If it wasn't for them, a huge archive of visual information would have been lost. As the 'controlled mass media' failed in their duty to inform the public of these sometimes huge marches that took place in the 1970's. For example; the Remembrance day parades to the Cenotaph in London in the years 1976 to 1978, up to 10,000 people were on those NF marches.

Note : Click on the above images to enlarge.

Rochdale - As if things weren't bad enough in that town ?

Monday, February 26, 2018

Swastikas were painted on a wall in Fallowfield - so a graffiti artist took action

The vile graffiti was scrawled on a wall opposite the Sainsbury’s store just off Wilmslow Road

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Swastika painted on wall in Fallowfield

Three huge swastikas have been scrawled across a public walkway in south Manchester’s busiest student suburb.
But it didn’t take long for another graffiti artist to quickly cover over the anti-Semitic symbols with black paint.
The graffiti was daubed over anti-Brexit themed graffiti on a wall opposite the Sainsbury’s store just off Wilmslow Road, in Fallowfield, on Wednesday.
Shocked students and pedestrians walking along the pathway, which leads to the Fallowfield Loop, saw the offensive spray painted symbols throughout the day.

NWN: World in peril !   In the 1960's we had motorcycle gangs used to proliferate in the UK and many wore German helmets and the swastika was often displayed on helmets and clothing. They were all over the place. No one ever bothered back then.These swastikas always appeared just before an election too when the National Front were fighting in elections in the late 1970's. Sometimes jewish graves got 'attacked' too, according to the controlled media like the traitorous Manchester Evening News. They always then blamed the NF. No one was allowed from the NF to explain why knocking jewish gravestones over helped an election campaign to win votes. Some 'cards' might suggest that jewish groups did it themselves. After all, it is quite common to see that and quite a few have been caught doing that especially since the 1970's. Surely it would be those who actually lived and served in WW2 that would be 'offended' by swastikas ? Apparently not. The longer the time we seem to be from WW2, the more the alleged outrage apparently. Faux outrage ?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Corbyn's links with communist spies ?

Well there were enough of them (Labour party 'reds') that used to swan about over into the former Eastern bloc and seemingly at will in the past.

The above former member of the Communist party, Michael Hindley, was amongst other things a member of the CPGB as evidenced by the above news cutting from the LANCASHIRE EVENING TELEGRAPH, but WikiPedia seems very shy of that fact. Hindley was, like Corbyn a strong supporter of IRA man Gerry Adams,Sinn Fein/IRA and the 'Troops out of Ireland' organisation. Hindley was amongst other things a Labour MEP for many years.

As was fellow 'red' and SEARCHLIGHT journo and hardman/streetfighter Mike Luft, as well as being jewish and zionist/communist . Luft was found guilty of perverting the democratic process when Scotland yard detectives arrested him for distributing illegal leaflets in the 1970's. He was founf guilty in an 'House of Lords precedent in 1976'. Luft used weapons to physically attack NF members on many occasions, as evidenced by his Searchlight mate Steve Tilzey in his book : No Retreat.. Luft was forever visiting East Berlin and East Germany - no doubt when he was a 'big wheel' in the Anti Fascist struggle .

Jack Dromey who is married to another Labour MP  Harriet Harman, was strongly rumoured to have fled to East Germany immediately after the Lewisham riots of August 1977. In the immediate aftermath of the Lewisham riots when left wing mobs attacked the Police and a National Front march there - the police launched a huge evidence mission to charge the 'organisers' of that riot. Dromey had been a militant left wing Trade Unionist Official in 1977. 
The Police had a large van load of evidence but were told to drop any charges by the then Home Secretary jewish/zionist Sam Silkin. That single decision changed the attitude of the Police then and in the future, as to their dealings with nationalist groups/parties in the UK. Prior to this they were indifferent. Afterwards the Police  were antagonists and very often openly hostile.

But why have the media now turned up this evidence on Corbyn now of links with the former communist Eastern Bloc ? It has been known about for decades, as he has been a communist sympathiser for all that time. We suspect that with the tories being as weak as they have ever been and that coupled with the very useless current Prime Minister Theresa May. If she had shoe-laces, we are sure she would not be able to tie them herself without help. 

The tories are weak, and Corbyn's surge of support from the 'politically correct' youngsters that have been indoctrinated in our current school system means he 'could' win a forthcoming General Election. That , plus the huge percentage that support Labour from our huge and growing 'ethnic communities' means it is possible now in the UK.

Corbyn is a traitor to Britain and no mistake. His support for the IRA is well documented. Even at a time when British soldiers were being murdered by IRA bombers and gunmen on a regular basis.

But the 'fly in the ointment' for him from the 'real rulers' is..................he is anti-Zionist ! And that is unforgiveable to them.

Note : Click on the pic to enlarge !

Analyst Sheds Some Light on Mysterious Russian Ex-Spy Poisoning Story The former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain in cri...